GNU ELPA Packages

ace-window0.9.0Quickly switch windows.
ack1.8interface to ack-like tools
ada-mode6.1.1major-mode for editing Ada sources
ada-ref-man2012.5Ada Reference Manual 2012
adaptive-wrap0.7Smart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix
adjust-parens3.0Indent and dedent Lisp code, automatically adjust close parens
advice-patch0.1Use patches to advise the inside of functions
aggressive-indent1.8.3Minor mode to aggressively keep your code always indented
ahungry-theme1.10.0Ahungry color theme for Emacs. Make sure to (load-theme 'ahungry).
all1.0Edit all lines matching a given regexp
ampc0.2Asynchronous Music Player Controller
arbitools0.977Package for chess tournaments administration
ascii-art-to-unicode1.12a small artist adjunct
async1.9.2Asynchronous processing in Emacs