GNU ELPA - adaptive-wrap


Smart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix
adaptive-wrap-0.7.el, 2018-Oct-16, 8.79 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET adaptive-wrap RET

Full description

This package provides the `adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode' minor mode which sets
the wrap-prefix property on the fly so that single-long-line paragraphs get
word-wrapped in a way similar to what you'd get with M-q using
adaptive-fill-mode, but without actually changing the buffer's text.

Old versions

adaptive-wrap-0.6.el2018-Oct-158.00 KiB
adaptive-wrap-0.5.2.el2018-Mar-127.35 KiB
adaptive-wrap-0.5.1.el2017-May-056.41 KiB
adaptive-wrap-0.5.el2013-Jul-315.97 KiB
adaptive-wrap-0.4.el2013-Jul-306.20 KiB
adaptive-wrap-0.3.el2013-Jul-206.07 KiB
adaptive-wrap-0.2.el2012-Dec-074.62 KiB
adaptive-wrap-0.1.el2012-Nov-294.62 KiB