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SOAP library to access debbugs servers
debbugs-0.22.tar, 2020-Jan-20, 400 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET debbugs RET

Full description

This package lets you access the GNU Bug Tracker from within Emacs.

It defines the command `M-x debbugs-gnu' for listing bugs, and the
command `M-x debbugs-gnu-search' for bug searching.  The command
`M-x debbugs-gnu-usertags' shows existing user tags on bugs, whilst
the command `M-x debbugs-gnu-patches' lists bugs containing a patch.
In order to show bugs with known numbers, `M-x debbugs-gnu-bugs' could
be used.

Bugs can be marked by a local tag.  All bugs marked like this will be
shown via `M-x debbugs-gnu-tagged'.

If you prefer the listing of bugs as TODO items of `org-mode', you
could use the commands `M-x debbugs-org', `M-x debbugs-org-search',
`M-x debbugs-org-patches', `M-x debbugs-org-bugs' and `M-x
debbugs-org-tagged' instead.

A minor mode `debbugs-browse-mode' let you browse URLs to the GNU Bug
Tracker as well as bug identifiers prepared for `bug-reference-mode'.

All these commands are described in the Debbugs User Guide, accessible via
(info "(debbugs-ug)")

This package works by implementing basic functions to access a Debbugs
SOAP server (see <>).  It
implements the SOAP functions "get_bugs", "newest_bugs", "get_status",
"get_usertag", "get_bug_log" and "search_est".  The SOAP function
"get_versions" is not implemented (yet).

You can connect to other debbugs servers by customizing the variable

Old versions

debbugs-0.21.tar2019-Nov-26 390 KiB
debbugs-0.20.tar2019-Sep-24 380 KiB
debbugs-0.19.tar2019-Jun-24 370 KiB
debbugs-0.18.tar2019-May-06 370 KiB
debbugs-0.17.tar2019-Mar-26 330 KiB
debbugs-0.16.tar2018-Oct-17 300 KiB
debbugs-0.15.tar2018-Jan-17 300 KiB
debbugs-0.14.tar2017-Feb-20 300 KiB
debbugs-0.13.tar2017-Feb-18 300 KiB
debbugs-0.12.tar2016-Oct-31 300 KiB
debbugs-0.11.tar2016-Sep-24 300 KiB
debbugs-0.10.tar2016-Jul-31 290 KiB
debbugs-0.9.7.tar2016-Jun-22 260 KiB
debbugs-0.9.6.tar2016-Jun-14 260 KiB
debbugs-0.9.5.tar2016-Apr-28 260 KiB
debbugs-0.9.3.tar2016-Apr-26 250 KiB
debbugs-0.9.2.tar2016-Apr-13 250 KiB
debbugs-0.9.1.tar2016-Mar-15 250 KiB
debbugs-0.9.tar2016-Jan-22 250 KiB
debbugs-0.8.tar2015-Nov-25 230 KiB
debbugs-0.7.tar2015-Apr-14 230 KiB
debbugs-0.6.tar2014-Jan-28 150 KiB
debbugs-0.5.tar2013-Oct-26 150 KiB
debbugs-0.4.tar2012-Nov-29 130 KiB