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The Emacs Network Client
enwc-2.0.tar, 2017-Apr-15, 180 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET enwc RET

Full description

ENWC is the Emacs Network Client.  It is designed to provide a front-end to
various network managers, such as NetworkManager and Wicd.

Currently, only NetworkManager and Wicd are supported, although experimental
support exists for Connman.

In order to use this package, add

(setq enwc-default-backend BACKEND-SYMBOL)

where BACKEND-SYMBOL is either 'wicd or 'nm, to your .emacs file (or other init

Then you can just run `enwc' to start everything.


(setq enwc-default-backend 'nm)

Old versions

enwc-2.0beta2.tar2017-Mar-04 180 KiB
enwc-2.0beta1.tar2017-Feb-24 180 KiB
enwc-1.0.tar2013-Apr-06 170 KiB