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Exchange Web Services (EWS) integration
excorporate-0.8.3.tar, 2019-Jun-19, 110 KiB
Thomas Fitzsimmons <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET excorporate RET

Full description

Excorporate provides Exchange integration for Emacs.

To create a connection to a web service:

M-x excorporate

Excorporate will prompt for an email address that it will use to
automatically discover settings.  Then it will prompt you for your
credentials two or three times depending on the server configuration.

You should see a message indicating that the connection is ready
either in the minibuffer or in the *Messages* buffer.

Finally, run M-x calendar, and press 'e' to show today's meetings.

If autodiscovery fails, customize `excorporate-configuration' to skip

For further information including connection troubleshooting, see the
Excorporate Info node at C-h i d m Excorporate.

Old versions

excorporate-0.8.2.tar2019-Jun-15 110 KiB
excorporate-0.8.1.tar2018-Sep-16 100 KiB
excorporate-0.8.0.tar2018-Sep-13 100 KiB
excorporate-0.7.7.tar2018-Sep-0580.0 KiB
excorporate-0.7.6.tar2016-Oct-0680.0 KiB
excorporate-0.7.5.tar2016-Jun-1780.0 KiB
excorporate-0.7.4.tar2016-Jun-1570.0 KiB
excorporate-0.7.3.tar2016-Apr-0270.0 KiB
excorporate-0.7.2.tar2016-Mar-1770.0 KiB
excorporate-0.7.1.tar2016-Feb-2770.0 KiB
excorporate-0.7.0.tar2016-Feb-2550.0 KiB


GNU Emacs Excorporate NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.

* Excorporate 0.8.3

Released 2019-06-18

** Fix appt percent-encoded URL printing

** Update HTTP debugging steps in Info manual

* Excorporate 0.8.2

Released 2019-06-14

** Enable multiple connections

The excorporate-configuration variable can now be a list representing
multiple servers.  The excorporate function will create one connection
per server configured.  Connections to additional servers can be
dynamically created by passing a prefix argument to the excorporate

* Excorporate 0.8.1

Released 2018-09-15

** Depend on nadvice 0.3

This fixes excorporate-diary-enable on Emacs 24.1, 24.2, and 24.3.

* Excorporate 0.8.0

Released 2018-09-13

** Add functions for retrieving meeting details

** Add diary support

M-x excorporate
M-x excorporate-diary-enable
M-x calendar
Press `d'

** Add appt support

After you've retrieved today's meetings, several minutes before the
start of the next meeting a reminder window will pop up.

If Emacs is left running overnight, it will display tomorrow's
meetings at 12:01 AM.

* Excorporate 0.7.7

Released 2018-09-04

** Enable calfw support

* Excorporate 0.7.6

Released 2016-10-05

** Require some NTLM compatibility fixes via updated dependencies

* Excorporate 0.7.5

Released 2016-06-16

** Interoperate with `save-some-buffers'

* Excorporate 0.7.4

Released 2016-06-15

** Interoperate with `org-startup-with-latex-preview'

* Excorporate 0.7.3

Released 2016-04-01

** Bind q to quit-window in Org mode backend

* Excorporate 0.7.2

Released 2016-03-16

** Support Office 365 and Exchange 2010_SP1

* Excorporate 0.7.1

Released 2016-02-26

** Add Info manual

* Excorporate 0.7.0

Released 2016-02-21

** First release in GNU ELPA

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