GNU ELPA - map


Map manipulation functions
map-2.1.el, 2020-Feb-04, 18.3 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET map RET

Full description

map.el provides map-manipulation functions that work on alists,
hash-table and arrays.  All functions are prefixed with "map-".

Functions taking a predicate or iterating over a map using a
function take the function as their first argument.  All other
functions take the map as their first argument.

- Add support for char-tables
- Maybe add support for gv?
- See if we can integrate text-properties
- A macro similar to let-alist but working on any type of map could
  be really useful

Old versions

map-2.0.el2019-Mar-0417.6 KiB
map-1.2.el2019-Jan-1017.6 KiB