GNU ELPA - rainbow-mode


Colorize color names in buffers
rainbow-mode-1.0.3.el, 2019-Dec-23, 43.6 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET rainbow-mode RET

Full description

This minor mode sets background color to strings that match color
names, e.g. #0000ff is displayed in white with a blue background.

Old versions

rainbow-mode-1.0.2.el2019-Nov-2642.4 KiB
rainbow-mode-1.0.1.el2018-May-2142.0 KiB
rainbow-mode-1.0.el2018-Mar-2641.6 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.13.el2017-May-2940.0 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.12.el2015-Oct-1339.9 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.11.el2015-Mar-0739.6 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.10.el2014-Sep-0839.1 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.9.el2013-Aug-0639.2 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.8.el2013-May-0439.1 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.7.el2013-Feb-2718.6 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.6.el2012-Dec-1218.2 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.5.el2012-Nov-2915.7 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.4.el2012-Nov-1014.6 KiB
rainbow-mode-0.2.el2012-Nov-0615.0 KiB